Sunday, October 11, 2009

Girl's Weekend

My Mom, Sydney, Sailor and I loaded up and went to Frisco for the weekend. It was a last minute trip--however we were not about to sit at home when the boys were in Vegas! We had a really good time! We literally shopped until we could not fit anything else in the car! One of my favorite things that we did while we were in Frisco is we ate "Dim Sum" for lunch. Dim Sum is traditional Chinese cuisine. You choose from a wide range of small dishes....kind of like ordering a lot of appetizers. It is so much fun! The waitstaff pushes carts, around the restaurant, full of small steamer baskets with different dim sum inside. You have to flag them down to get them to stop by your table, then you choose whichever dim sum you would like. The dim sum at the restaurant we went to, J.S. Chen, was fabulous! It tasted just like the food I had in Hong Kong.

Sailor with her dim sum.

Sailor with her chopsticks!

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