Friday, June 26, 2009

Reunions and Weddings!

We have been busy busy busy! Last weekend we had our Palmer Family Reunion, Sarah and Clark's wedding and of course Father's Day. I didn't get any pictures of us at the reunion. I managed to get one picture of Sailor before the wedding...and one when we got home that night (she wasn't in a good mood--very unusual). However, I took a picture of her the other day in her new outfit and adorable matching bow. It is by far my favorite, and my Mom's favorite, outfit on her. My cousin, Julie Lane, told me about this bow shop in Wichita Falls that will custom make bows to match outfits. I LOVE this place! is the latest pictures.

Before Sarah & Clark's wedding. She wouldn't quit "talking" so that I could take her picture.

When we got home.

Our new outfit!


  1. Too Cute!!! Love the outfit, where did you find it?

  2. Julie, sorry I'm just now getting to you! I got Sailor's outfit at Storkland.